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Pitt's Tattoo, a worldwide recognized tattoo brand, which have been inking since 2001 located in the heart of Penang Island, Malaysia. The diversity of our styles are one of the many reasons our shop is a crowd favorite. The tattoo styles that we offer ranges from realistic to tribal to portraits to oriental style. We even offer cover up tattoos that brings new life to your old ones. On top of drawing on skin canvas, Pitt's Tattoo offers body piercing as well, such as navel, tongue, labret, lip, dimple, nipple, ears and more. Eyebrow tattoo is offered as well at Pitt's Tattoo.

Hygiene and cleanliness is also top of Pitt's Tattoo's priority besides quality art, as every needle used are new ones and every tips are disposable. One can feel safe and need not worry about unnecessary hygiene issue. Pitt's Tattoo will make sure customers get new needles and tips for every tattoo and piercing. The shop has an autoclave sterilizer, a pressure chamber which makes sure every equipment used for the tattoo process is sterilized. Besides the autoclave, Pitt's Tattoo has the ultrasonic tank for their cleaning process.

Body art is no longer frown upon by the community as years pass by. Tattoo can be appreciated and enjoyed by all ages, and Pitt's Tattoo will be there to offer its services with professionalism and quality artwork.

Pitt's Tattoo uses high grade colors by StarBrite Colors which are sterile and safe. We have a wide range of colors, over 160 to use, saving the hassle of mixing colors for artists.

We are a proud user of Helios cartridge needles, which are manufactured with the highest quality control in the inking industry. With its medical grade plastic tips and 100% sterilised by E.O. Gas, our customers are in safe hands. On top of that, Pitt’s Tattoo added Electrum stencil primer to our line of equipment that works great with both carbon stencils and Sharpies markers. Electrum is skin friendly created by tattoo artists, for tattoo artists.

The cleanliness during procedure is very important to us. So our accessories such our gloves, we opt for top quality and Malaysian made latex examination glove by Koiyak Gloves. Kioyak Gloves only uses 100% latex and has good flexibility and sensitivity for all tattoo artists. The lifespan of the gloves is longer and more comfortable.




Pitt's纹身采用了高品质,无菌且安全的StarBrite色料。我们有超过 160多种色料选用,可以节约艺术家混合颜色的时间也提供更准确的色调。

Helios是美国制造的最顶级纹身针的一家公司,针帽是100%使用E.O. Gas消毒包装,既安全又卫生,我们非常荣幸可以使用Helios的纹身针,所以顾客们无需为了卫生感到担心。除此以外,Pitt’s Tattoo在原有设备中添加了Electrum stencil primer 纹身贴打底液,使人体彩绘模板和Sharpies标记变得容易,同时帮助肌肤容易上色。

在纹身的过程中,卫生是最需要重视的一环。所以手套方面必须选用顶级的,我们采用了马来西亚制造的 Koiyak乳胶手套。Koiyak手套是一款100%纯乳胶制作的手套,它具有良好的伸缩性也让所有的纹身艺术家能够更灵活的操作。这款手套的寿命比一般手套来的长,同时也非常舒适。