Please note that we will take some precautions in our shop once the MCO has stopped.

In order to protect yourself and our artists from Covid-19, please follow these guidelines:


1.  All visitors must wear masks.

2.  Please wash and disinfect your hands and phone when visiting the studio. We will 

provide the sanitizer.

3.  Please inform us if you have been to the airport or hospital within 14 days of your appointment.

4.  If you have any signs of sickness(Cold/Cough), please notify us to rearrange your


5.  Only the person who will get the tattoo will be allowed into the studio.


Your cooperation and understanding is greatly appreciated.


为了保护您以及我们的纹身师傅免受Covid-19的侵害,请遵循以下准则 :

2. 当您来访我们店里,我们将会提供消毒剂,请务必把双手和电话进行消毒。
3. 如果您在预约前后的14天内去过机场或医院,请告知我们。
4. 如果您有任何感冒或咳嗽的症状,请通知我们以重新安排您的预约时间。
5. 只限纹身的客人才允许进入工作区。