About Pit Fun

Pit Fun, also known as Pit, has been engaged in the tattoo industry since 2001 and quickly became famous in his hometown and tattoo industry. His enthusiasm for tattoo art comes from his uncle that he has followed for years, Max.

Pit trained while working in Exotic tattoo studio, the first professional tattoo shop in Penang owned by Max. Soon, he began his career in tattooing. At the time, the Internet was not as developed as it was today, so it was impossible to get more information about tattoos. There is no tattoo supplier in Malaysia. Hence, they have to import equipment from the United States, even seal their own needles, and so on. There are many things they need to explore themselves.


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Tattoos have a power and magic all their own. They decorate the body but they also enhance the soul.

After 13 years of hard work, he opened his first studio in July 2014 which is Pitt’s tattoo and piercing.

After two years of struggle, the team has also grown. Several tattooists joined the family and successfully opened the second studio, Pitt’s tattoo and piercing Ropewalk.

In addition, Pit began to be active in the international tattoo exhibitions around the world, winning excellent results, and winning many awards in the competition.

Pit is specialised in

* Surrealism tattoo
* Color or black and grey realistic creation
* Portrait
* Oriental