Tattoo Course in Penang Malaysia

Be a qualified tattoo artists and tattoo professionally!


Hard to find a skill full or professional tattoo mentor in Malaysia


Too far travelling for tattoo course

Pitt’s Tattoo is now open for class registration for very limited 2 students only.

Next Class will be one year later!

Pit Fun has more than 17 years of tattoo experience and he has won multiple international awards.


Pit Fun

Pit Fun, also known as Pit, has been engaged in the tattoo industry since 2001 and quickly became famous in his hometown and tattoo industry. His enthusiasm for tattoo art comes from his uncle that he has followed for years, Max.

Learning Objectives
To be Tattoo Artist Discipline
Drawing and Photoshop (For Tattoo Artist)
Proper Hygiene Issue
Drawing Stencils, Transfer/Remove Stencils
Understand Tattoo Machine Parts/ Set Up and Start Using the Tattoo Kit

Basic Techniques Practice.
(Tattoo-ing Practice Skin)

Tattoo Aftercare Knowledge
Advanced Techniques

Certificate by
Master Pit Fun

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