You Should Know The Tips For Take Caring New Tattoo

Finally, you get the tattoo that you are looking forward to for months has already on your skin, and it is sporting cool tattoo. But how are you going to make sure it still looks as beauty as it is after it heals? Here are some tips you should know for you to look after it and make sure it heals well and still beauty as it is.

1. Follow Your Tattoo Artist’s Advice

You might notice that different studio has different aftercare advice, sometimes even the same studio’s artist has different opinion of caring. Listen to those instructions given by your artist.

2. After A Few Hours Gently Wash The Tattoo

The common advice will be asking you to leave the covering on the tattoo around two to 5 hours, then remove it carefully and wash the tattoo gently with warm water.

3. Apply A Thin Layer Of Unscented Moisturizing Cream

An unscented moisturizing cream is the must. Your artist will tell you which they recommend. Commonly, repeating the cleaning process three to five times a day.

4. Keep Tattoo Dry and Clean

Always remember to keep the tattoo dry and clean, also avoid soaking it in water for at least a month (showers are ok, baths are not). If your clothes are likely to rub on it, keep it covered.