Tattoo Course in Penang Malaysia

Be a qualified tattoo artists and tattoo professionally!


Hard to find a skill full or professional tattoo mentor in Malaysia


Too far travelling for tattoo course

Pitt’s Tattoo is now open for class registration for very limited 2 students only.

Next Class will be one year later!

Pit Fun has more than 17 years of tattoo experience and he has won multiple international awards.


Pit Fun

Pit Fun又名Pit,从2001年开始投身于纹身行业,并在自己的家乡和纹身行业里迅速成名。他对纹身艺术的热情来自于他跟随多年的舅舅,Max。

Learning Objectives
To be Tattoo Artist Discipline
Drawing and Photoshop (For Tattoo Artist)
Proper Hygiene Issue
Drawing Stencils, Transfer/Remove Stencils
Understand Tattoo Machine Parts/ Set Up and Start Using the Tattoo Kit

Basic Techniques Practice.
(Tattoo-ing Practice Skin)

Tattoo Aftercare Knowledge
Advanced Techniques

Certificate by
Master Pit Fun

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